Holiday Time!!
(17th Juney 2017)

Owing to a backlog of blanks that are yet to arrive and a shortage of BSVOG rod rings in the UK meaning I can't do much work if I want to I might as well take a break before the build up of orders becomes too big. I'll be taking orders for rods again towards the end of July.

Blank Colours
(8th May 2017)

Painted blanks are now only available in a choice of burgundy and clear coat.

Rod Prices
(10th January 2017)

Unfortunately carbon cloth is paid for in US dollars, as a result the cost has increased over the last few months. This price rise had been absorbed by Harrison's but that couldn't last for ever. All their blank prices rose at the start of 2017, some by more than others. I've done my best to keep my rod price increases low. Hopefully there won't be any more increases for some time.

Stock Rods
(13th November 2016)

Axiom 7013 added to my stock list. It's a standard build which I had to remove a name from (I spelled it wrong...). Where the name was has been painted black and refinished. This is an unused rod.

Sledge-Hammer stock rods reduced in price.

Check the stock page.

Clear out
(31st October 2016)

I've decided to stop stocking soft plastics because handling them is incompatible with building rods. The slightest trace of the plasticiser on a blank causes endless pain trying to get rod varnish to cure properly. So, they all have to go. I've even dropped the prices!

Here they are.

'Normal' service is resumed
(25th October 2016)

I've managed to get rid of the backlog of work, and start a new one!

Being too busy always seems to lead to cock-ups, which might be why I misspelled someone's name on a rod (or it might be having cloth ears). As a result I had to build a replacement and cover up my mistake on the original rod. This means there will be a not-quite-standard Axiom 7013 on my for sale page soon.

Busy, busy
(4th October 2016)

It's that time of year and I'm snowed under with rods needing building. The message must have got through to place orders in good time for pike season!

As a result I'm going to have to impose a moratorium on accepting orders for the next couple of weeks to allow me to catch up. I'll be open for taking orders again from the 19th of this month (October).

Contact Details
(30th June 2016)

As of July 1st my virgin.net e-mail address will be discontinued. If you have that in your address book please change it to my dlst.co.uk address.

Back in Stock
(7th June 2016)

Lureweave meshes back in stock at long last. Large mesh now approximately four inches deeper.

Used Rods
(12th April 20162016)

One TS11-200 the In Stock page.

Back in Stock
(10th February 2016)

I'm stocked up with AFW seven strand wire in all three breaking strains again.

Stock Rods
(4th February 2016)

A number of rods added to my In Stock page. Some built for shows, some to see what they were like, some cancelled orders.

Catfish Rods
(13th January 2016)

At long last I've put a picture of my standard handle for the 10ft Catfish rods on the relevant page!

Reappraisals and rods in stock
(2nd July 2015)

Although my tench fishing exploits have been dire these past couple of season I have landed a few c*rp (to 17lb) on my 11ft 2lb Torrix rods. After being initially unconvinced that they were the right choice I've grown to like them and while not perfect (like the 1.75lb Interceptors are!) they are the 11ft rods I'd recommend for tench and bream fishing.

Another change of heart, and possible rod design, concerns the 12ft 1.25lb Torrix. Having built a pair for a customer earlier this year they felt really nice when I took them outside for a waggle. When I built myself one earlier it felt horribly top heavy and the tip was too stiff. Either my memory is playing tricks, the blank had the wrong tip section, or the tip has been altered. Whatever the reason if this is the rod I'd suggest as a 12ft alternative to the 11ft 1.25lb Chimera. It should also make a nice float rod.

There some new additions to my rods in stock page - a 12ft 2.5lb Torrix and three P-5s.

Rebuild service
(23rd March 2015)

After the recent breakage of a pair of rods in transit I have reconsidered my rebuild/refurb service as no amount of insurance can replace a much loved rod that is no longer in production.

As a result I am now only willing to undertake rebuilds/refurbs on rods which I have built or on rods delivered to and collected from me in person.

I hope the reasoning for this is understood.