FXH Lure Rod

For as long as I can remember the Fooler has been one of my most popular rods. There's something about its balance, length and action that people like. The FXH takes those qualities and beefs them up to cope with casting larger lures. I find it ideally suited to working walk-the-dog surface lures and sub-surface gliders. It's a mean Burt rod too!

The blank is woven carbon and is slimmer than might be expected. Great performance and good looks combined.


To complement the British made carbon blanks genuine Fuji components are used throughout. BMNAG Alconite rings have been selected for their semi-low profile, light weight, and cost effective performance.

Rolled Frame SiC Guide

These rings feature the same "wraparound" frame as on the MNSG rings fitted to Axioms which helps protect the Alconite inner from accidental damage. To give the rods a distinctive look the rings are whipped with purple thread tipped with a metallic paler purple to complement the smooth-ground, woven, matt finish carbon blank. A stainless steel hook keeper is fitted as standard.

The standard handle comprises a black winding check in front of the three inch flared cork foregrip, slim contoured cork and black rubber Fuji butt cap.

New Style Trigger Grip

There are no garish graphics on these rods, just a few hand lettered words in white ink. As with all my rods I build to order only allowing for customisation options to be accommodated

All stated casting weights are simply a guide to a rod's capabilities.

FXH 6ft 6in (one piece) 1.5-3.5oz (42-100g): £260.00
Six rings plus tip - 20mm butt/10mm tip.

With a suggested casting weight range that falls between the two lightest Axiom rods the FXH is a versatile tool, and pairs well with the lighter Fooler.

Casting is easy and accurate thanks to the action and materials used in the blank's construction. The rod can be felt doing all the work during the cast. Light in the hand it makes working lures effortless.

Lettering is a minimal FXH on top and DLST underneath.

Braid in the 65lb to 80lb strength range is recommended, loaded on the 6000 size multiplier of your choice.


Deluxe build with MNSG SiC rings in place of BMNAGs..

Economy build fitted with the higher stand-off BCLSVOG aluminium oxide Fuji guides that I fit to all my other baitcaster rods. Whipping in purple thread but with purple tipping at only tip and keeper rings.