Torrix Specialist Rods

NB - Matt brown finish shown above no longer available, blanks are now have Ultra Matt finish as standard. Photo will be updated in due course.

TS12-125 12ft/1lb 4oz: £290.00
Eight rings plus tip - 20mm butt/8mm tip.
Built on the 1.25lb Torrix Specialist blank. Quite similar to the 1lb 10oz Interceptor but with the woven Torrix butt section. This rod can also be built as a float rod with a shorter handle and 13 float type rings plus tip.

TS12-175 12ft/1lb 12oz: £295.00
Eight rings plus tip - 25mm butt/8mm tip.
Built on the 1.75lb Torrix Specialist blank. The Torrix 175 and 200 are slightly thicker in overall diameter than the Chimeras 1 and 2, but are thinner walled and lighter. The Torrix also bends more progressively into the butt making, to my mind, a nicer fish playing tool. Despite its stated test curve this is currently my first choice for roach fishing at medium to long range with heli-feeder rigs. It is soft enough in the tip to handle 2lb bottoms and size 18 hooks when roaching, but has the power lower down to tame big tench. It's not half bad for chubbing either!

TS12-200 12ft/2lb: £300.00
Eight rings plus tip - 25mm butt/8mm tip.
Built on the 2lb Torrix Specialist blank. Stiffer in the butt and more tippy than the lighter Torrixes.

TS12-225 12ft/2.25lb: £305.00
Eight rings plus tip - 25mm butt/8mm tip.
A more recent introduction which I have only recently had the chance to build (June 2022). This has a less tippy action than the TS12-200 which is more to my taste. If I was looking for a step up from the TS12-175 for tench/bream/barbel this would be my choice. A lovely light and balanced blank which could be held all day.

TS12-250 12ft/2.5lb: £365.00
Eight rings plus tip - 25mm butt/8mm tip.

Built on the 2.5lb Torrix carp blank.
Over recent seasons I have built a number of these rods for barbel anglers, mostly fishing the Trent, as an alternative to the Chimera No.3.

TS11-17511ft/1.75lb: £285.00
Six rings plus tip - 25mm butt/8mm tip.
A cracking shorter version of the TS12-175.

TS11-20011ft/2lb: £290.00
Six rings plus tip - 25mm butt/8mm tip.
For some seasons this has been my preferred tench/bream rod for smaller waters. Destined to become a classic in my opinion.

TS10-275 10ft/2.75lb: £295.00
Six rings plus tip - 30mm butt/10mm tip.
Another blank intended for carp fishing, this one as a stalker. Despite that provenance it has become my favourite eel rod. The middle to through action and test curve being just to my liking. Pikers who have handled this rod have echoed my thoughts about its suitability as a boat pike rod for use with soft/small baits because of its slightly softer tip compared to my P-4.


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