For those of you who have never come across the name before, Dave is first and foremost a pike angler, but he has fished for other species too - specialising on freshwater predators since 1982 but turning his attention elsewhere again in 2004.

Dave writes for Pike and Predators and Coarse Angling Today magazines in the UK and has also contributed articles to Anglers Mail, the magazines of the Pike Anglers' Club, Lure Anglers' Society and National Association of Specialist Anglers, and the sadly missed Coarse Angler as well as Esox Angler in the US and De Roofvis in Europe. He has two books to his credit, Modern Pike Rigs and Pike Fishing with Lures, both now out of print and highly sought after and has contributed chapters to a number of books about pike fishing.

He is an Honorary Life Member of the LAS and a Senior Fellow of the PAC, being a co-founder of the former and, between 2000 and 2003, President of the latter having previously served on the PAC committee in the late 1980s and having the role of webmaster between 2001 and 2009.

D.L. Specialist Tackle was founded back in 1991 in an attempt to maintain a quiet and stress free life. The plan backfired and he now has to work full time, and fish part time, which wasn't the original idea at all!

If D.L. Specialist Tackle has a philosophy, it is to provide practical tackle at sensible prices with no nonsense advice. Dave uses the stuff he sells. So he knows what he is talking about when describing the products.

There is little doubt that Dave's predator and lure rods offer the widest choice on the market, and are all fish-proven. He was also one of the first to offer a comprehensive range of baitcasting rods to UK pike anglers. It is hardly surprising, given the growth in predator fishing in the UK these days, that major manufacturers are now providing rods such as Dave has been building for dedicated, hardcore predator anglers for over a decade.

Although it is a one man operation, D.L. Specialist Tackle has, in its time, introduced Musky Mania, Musky Innovations, Shumway, Bait Rigs, and RiverRun lures (not to mention Stringease snaps) to the UK angler.

Despite all this Dave has found time to catch a few fish too. Although he would dispute that a list of large fish implies any angling skill, his predatory personal bests currently stand at:

Pike37lb 6ozP-2
Catfish 20lb1 P-1
Rainbow Trout14lb 2oz2P-3
Zander12lb 5ozPre-DLST
Brown Trout6lb 8ozP-2
Perch4lb 12ozInterceptor 1
Eel 4lb 7oz1 Unknown
1 - Photos on slide film
2 - Film ruined by processor

Dave is a practical angler who goes fishing less often than he would like to, but who tries to make every minute of it count when he does. Since 2004 he has been giving the predators a bit of a rest. His current non-predatory personal bests of note are:

Barbel 14lb 3oz CS12-SU
Bream 14lb 6oz Interceptor 2
Tench (female) 10lb 5oz Interceptor 2
Tench (male) 7lb 4oz Interceptor 2
Chub 6lb 9 oz CS12-SU
Grayling 1lb 5oz Interceptor 1
Golden Orfe 2lb 1oz CS11-AS
Roach 1lb 10oz Interceptor 2
Roach/Rudd 3lb 10oz1 SS12-204
Roach/Bream 5lb 6oz SS12-204
C*rp 23lb 4oz SS12-204
1 - Photos somewhere or other!

If the above lists prove anything it's that big fish can be caught by anyone! You can see some of Dave's captures in his Gallery, and keep up with some of his angling exploits on his Lumbland blog.