Chimera Specialist Rods

CS12-1 12ft/1lb 8oz: £220.00
Eight rings plus tip - 25mm butt/8mm tip.
Built on the Chimera Specialist No.1 blank utilising 3k woven carbon in the butt, with 1k woven carbon in the lower part of the tip section with plain carbon right at the tip. This is a great looking and feeling rod. The tip is soft enough for the rod to be used for float fishing.

CS12-2 12ft/1lb 12oz: £220.00
Eight rings plus tip - 25mm butt/8mm tip.
This rod is a stepped up version of the CS12-1 with a lovely soft tip and a really smooth action that bends progressively into a powerful butt. Popular on the Trent and a favoured big tench rod with those who know about these things! Will handle leads or feeders up to three ounces.

CS12-SU 12ft/2lb 4oz: £220.00
Eight rings plus tip - 25mm butt/8mm tip.

I was lucky enough to use this blank before it was launched and became known as the Chimera Specialist 3. Somewhat stiffer in the tip and more through actioned in the butt than the other Chimera Specialists. Capable of casting, that's casting not swinging out, six ounce leads (and more) or loaded five ounce feeders yet still forgiving enough to avoid hook pulls when using braided line. Just hang on and let it bend! A great rod for the bigger rivers, and fish, in any conditions and for fishing method feeders on stillwaters.

CS12-2B 12ft/2lb: £230.00
Eight rings plus tip - 25mm butt/8mm tip.
The action of this rod is more like that of the CH-12SU than the other two twelve foot Chimera Specialists. Suitable for barbel in lighter flows and a great method feeder rod for tench and bream.

CS11-AS 11ft/1lb 4oz: £210.00
Eight rings plus tip - 20mm butt/6mm tip.

What a lovely light through action rod this is. The softness makes it ideal for small specimen species like roach and perch on light lines. Yet the rod will cope with larger, harder fighting, fish should they come along by accident. Everyone who has handled this rod wants one!

Other Harrison Chimera specialist blanks

Rods can also be built on the Chimera blanks below (all are two piece):

11ft 1.5lb Avon
11ft 6in Barbel (Flood and Snag)

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