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If reading this book hasn't put you right off lure fishing for pike, then you might want to find out a little more about the subject! The Lure Anglers' Society of Great Britain was formed in late 1992, on a shoestring by Malcolm Bannister, Barrie Rickards, Geoff Latham and myself in response to a new wave of interest in this branch of angling. In less than three years L.A.S. membership swelled to four hundred or so. Not all L.A.S. members are pike anglers, some fish only in the sea, others are primarily game anglers. No matter what species you prefer to catch there is always something to be learned from using lures for a different quarry. The L.A.S. not only produces a quarterly magazine, but also holds lure fishing events around the country and an annual conference where you can meet other lure fishers and exchange ideas face to face. Apart from joining the L.A.S. I would suggest that you read all you can on the subject of lure fishing, and not just for pike. When it comes to reading material the list that follows is as good a starting point as any.

Lure Fishing - Mike Ladle and Harry Casey - A & C Black.
Fishing With Artificial Lures - Hunting and Fishing Library (U.S.A.).
Northern Pike and Muskie - Hunting and Fishing Library (U.S.A.).
Catching Pike on Lures - James Holgate - Cast.
The Encyclopaedia of Lures - Chris and Sue Harris - Crowood Press.
The Art of Lure Fishing - Charlie Bettell - Crowood Press.
Spinning and Plug Fishing - Rickards and Whitehead - Boydell.
Lure Angler - (L.A.S. magazine).
Pikelines - (Pike Anglers' Club magazine).
The In-Fisherman - (U.S. periodical).
Musky Hunter Magazine - (U.S. periodical).

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