Pike Anglers' Club of Great Britain

The club for all pike anglers celebrated its 40th birthday in 2017. Loads of personal benefits for members including a great magazine, plus the political clout to fight for your sport. What more could you ask?

Angling Trust

The unified body to represent all anglers' interests in England and Wales. Anglers' Society

The site of the friendly UK based society for all anglers interested in catching fish, any fish, on artificial baits.

Catch Cult
Bimonthly print magazine for specialist anglers.

The Pikers Pit
The best fishing forum on the web. But not suitable for people of a sensitive nature!.

Predator World
Bimonthly virtual (PDF) magazine for predator anglers.

BBC Weather Forecasts
Believe it or not this link will take you to a UK weather forecast. A comprehensive site that can be customised to give you a forecast for a town near you every time you visit the site. The five day forecast is handy for planning fishing trips. The weather map will even show you wind speeds and directions if you ask it nicely - handy for boat trips on big waters. Other info like sunrise and sunset times is also given. World wide forecasts also available.

U.S. Naval Observatory Astronomical Applications Department
If you think all this moon stuff makes a difference you can find out moon rise and set times, moon phases, and all other facts lunar for any date or location from this site. Or just click here to see what the moon looks like today.

Ambassadeurs 01

My site devoted to left hand wind Ambassadeur reels. Using them, repairing and maintaining them, customising and even collecting them. Trouble shooting tips and a useful links page.


My 'hugely popular, informative and entertaining' blog...
The first lure fishing site for the UK angler. Mainly freshwater but a really comprehensive set of links pages to sites around the world.
Chris Turnbull - Artist and Angler. A showcase for Chris's superb artwork and a gallery of some of his fish captures.

Loz Harrop Lures

Back in production.
If you are interested in fly fishing for pike this site has all the information you need to get started - and more. Some pics of big pike caught on the fly too - and I mean BIG!
Catfish Conservation Group
The longest standing UK based catfish fishing club.