Duellist Rods

These nine foot two piece rods are built on blanks designed for lure fishing utilising the latest low resin carbon fibre, but they can also be built and used for other tasks, such as fishing in cramped swims and from small boats. The entire range have crisp through actions and are remarkably light and slim, yet robust. 'Duellist'? It's a rather feeble pun on the fact that the rods can have dual uses - although they are good for 'duelling' with big fish too!

Duellist rods are now built on smooth ground Ultra Matt, slim, low resin carbon blanks with overfit joints.

NB - I rarely carry stock of these blanks so cannot specify build times. Coloured blanks delay the process further and are no longer available except to very special order.

As standard Duellists are built for fixed spool use with 'Rover Ringing' patterns enabling the rods to be broken down while rigged up aligning the tip and butt perfectly. This is great if travelling light and for storing rods in cramped boats. As standard all rods have three leg, Fuji Hardloy rings whipped in black and finished with high gloss epoxy varnish. Keeper ring is fitted as standard. Read my views on rod rings and braided lines here.

Slim, plain cork handles, black 17mm DPS graphite reel seat and Fuji rubber butt cap are fitted as standard on fixed spool builds. Reel seats are fitted in the up-locking mode with two inches of flared cork above the reel seat.

Lettering is in white ink and kept to a bare minimum - your name can be added at no extra charge. Alternative whipping colours can be accommodated in the standard price. Contrasting tipping to all whippings is an additional £8.00 per rod. Because I build rods to be fished with I supply all rods in a clear polythene sleeve - should you require a cloth rod bag these are available for a small extra charge.

Multiplier builds also available. Please phone or e-mail to discuss any other custom options you might have a hankering for.

DUELLIST 1 9ft (two piece) (15-45g): £220
Six rings plus tip - 25mm butt/8mm tip.

What would once have been called a 'pike spinning rod' in the distant days before lure fishing came of age in the U.K. and replaces the original Duellist I previously listed. The Duellist #1 will handle small to medium lures and is particularly at home fishing spoons. Also a nice choice for wobbling deadbaits.

With an approximate test curve of 2.00lb this rod could also be used as a stalking rod for barbel or even carp.

DUELLIST 2 9ft (two piece) (30-75g): £230
Six rings plus tip - 25mm butt/8mm tip.

This model will deal with the medium range of plugs and spoons, even swimbaits, and can be used for wobbling heavier baits.

With an approximate test curve of 2.25lb this rod can also be built to use as a 'tree' rod for use in tight swims where you have to really hang on to barbel or carp!

DUELLIST 3 9ft (two piece) (45-90g): £240
Six rings plus tip - 25mm butt/8mm tip.

The third model in the range is suitable for medium trolling as well as casting heavier lures.

An approximate test curve of 2.75lb means this rod can also be used for bait fishing from a small boat.

DUELLIST 4 9ft (two piece) (60-120g): £250
Spec to be confirmed

The most powerful of the range can be used for throwing heavy swimbaits and Dawgs and for trolling heavier lures.

With an approximate test curve of 3lb this rod can also be used for bait fishing from a small boat.


If you would prefer your rods built to a non standard specification, please click here for more information.

If you need any rod fittings to repair or refurbish your existing rods, or to build your own rods, please click here to find out more.

I can supply bare blanks for most of the rods listed here. Please contact me for prices.