Bushido Lure Rods

My Trickster rods have proved themselves as fish catching tools, and the two-piece design has proved reliable. When I saw that American Tackle's lure blanks were available in the UK I thought I'd give them a look as I have been asked for longer rods that will fish swimbaits. The Trickster H does the job, but there was a demand for something a bit longer with a faster action than the Duellists.

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The two models I'm starting out with are both 8ft 6in in length with overfit joints and are rated to 130g and 150g. The blank is 3k carbon in the butt and part way up the tip. The action of the lighter rod, which I'm calling the 86-130, is very tippy. I seem to rate lure rods' casting ability lighter than a lot of people, and I think this will make a great pike soft plastic jig rod. It fishes spinnerbaits and in-lines really well, and smaller swimbaits. It will also twitch minnowbaits and smaller crankbaits. That said it will comfortably cast something the weight of a regular bulldawg, which my scales say is around 4.4oz/123g. The tip, I find, a little soft for working jerkbaits and gliders.

The heavier 86-150 model will cast a Mag Dawg (7.4oz/210g) without any trouble at all. The tip is stiffer than on the lighter rod making it capable of working jerkbaits well, and giving a more progressive action to the rod.

The standard handle comprises a gunsmoke winding check in front of the one and a half inch flared cork foregrip, slim contoured cork and black rubber Fuji butt cap giving fourteen and a half inches overall behind the latest style, grey hooded, Fuji trigger reel seat. Rings are my standard BCLSVOG whipped in dark grey, and the rods break down Rover style. A stainless steel hook keeper is fitted as standard.

New Style Trigger Grip

There are no garish graphics on these rods, just a few hand lettered words in white ink. As with all my rods I build to order only and custom options are available..

All stated casting weights are simply a guide to a rod's capabilities.

BUSHIDO 86-130 8ft 6in (two piece) 130g: £250.00
Nine rings plus tip - 20mm butt/8mm tip.


BUSHIDO 86-150 8ft 6in (two piece) 150g): £250.00
Seven rings plus tip - 20mm butt/10mm tip.